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Your Donations will Support Emory Children's Hospital and Heart Research Programs

The Heart Research and Outcomes Center (HeRO) seeks to reduce the morbidity of pediatric heart disease. HeRO will lead the transformation of focused cardiac research in to innovative therapies for young patients. Major areas of research include Regenerative and Nanomedicine Technologies, Cardiac Development, Cardiac Outcomes, Cardiac Devices, and Neurodevelop- mental Studies.

HeRO strive to create the next generation of pediatric-specific therapies through cutting edge research using nanotechnology, stem cells, and better understanding of normal and abnormal cardiovascular development. Heart Drive is proud to being part of HeRO’s supporting group and Heart Drive will reach out to Asian communities in greater Atlanta for children’s heart disease awareness and support

THE 1st DRIVE Project

Drive Off-Road to Save Children’s Heart

  • 14 Heart Drivers
  • 14 Off-Road Vehicles
  • Drives over 30,000 miles

Drive project by

  • The Korea Times Atlanta
  • YouTube channel “Off the Grid with Press Lee”

Heart Drive Trip Summary

  • Atlanta to California (Round Trip)
  • 21 days (3 weeks)
  • 14 Drivers and 14 Off-Road Vehicles
  • Over 7,000 miles per vehicle (round trip)
  • Over 10 off-road trails to discover
  • Total target miles to drive: +30,000 miles - fundraising goal: at least $30K
  • Each vehicle assigned to different heart patients or single patient at the Children’s hospital. At least 10 different
  • YouTube episodes for heart patients or heart research programs

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