Kindle your entrepreneur spirit and grow with a company that you can believe in! 

Take the next step in your career with True LED USA, one of the fastest-growing LED lighting companies in the southeast. This is a great opportunity for mid-level sales professionals and/or experienced project managers with a go-getter mentality.

True LED USA, located in Norcross, GA, is a leading import trading company of premium industrial LED lighting fixtures. We are looking to hire highly self-motivated professionals who are quick thinkers on their feet, work well independently and make decisions consistent with the company's decisions. This individual will head project management and sales growth in the southeast territory by building quality sales pipeline with end-users across various industry verticals.

Duties and Responsibilities:
- Create and capitalize retail and wholesale sales opportunities by effectively sourcing and nurturing leads.
- Participate in one-on-one, phone and in-person project / sales meetings
- Assess, design and deliver LED lighting solutions by understanding customer needs of various complexities
- Create comprehensive quotation on products / scope of work and present via proposal and/or presentation
- Coordinate and oversee entire project cycle
- Prepare post-project report on findings and recommendations
- Provide pre- and post-project technical support, advice and account management
- Conduct ongoing customer needs, analysis, market research, review calls
- Achieve quarterly revenue targets and margin objectives
- Assist sales programs and marketing campaigns as needed; tradeshows, media content,
- Assist development of education and training programs for customers and TLU staff via written and media content
- Other project/sales related duties as assigned

- Minimum of 4 years of sales experience and/or 2 years of project management experience
- Bilingual: English / Korean
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Creatively solve problems thorough critical analysis
- Detail oriented and able to multitask
- Able to take project from concept to completion
- Take initiative, be highly motivated and possess professional work ethic
- Be flexible and adapt to fast-paced, changing work environment/priorities
- Experience in LED lighting industry and/or electrical-related field is a plus
- Possess valid driver's license
- Able to travel 50%

- Starting Salary: $42,000; dependent on prior work experience
- Commission: Best in industry; Multi-tiered
- Paid vacation and insurance options available after 1-year of employment

To apply, please send a resume and short introduction letter to Eligible candidates will be invited to our office for an interview.

Please contact Alex at if you have any questions regarding this position or the company. 
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