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Job Information

The Assistant General Counsel will support the Heavy Equipment business by providing strategic legal advice on things such as product liability, intellectual property, employment & labor law, etc., and be able to manage issues with little supervision.  Candidates for this role must be fluent in English and Korean.

Role & Responsibility

Legal Support

  • Devise legal strategies and manage the Company’s litigations (e.g., product liability cases, complex commercial litigation, employment lawsuits) and transactional legal work by actually doing most of the substantive work (e.g., writing briefs, court appearances, trying cases, negotiating settlements) that would otherwise be outsourced to law firms, thereby significantly reducing legal costs & expenses, while providing first-rate legal services.
  • Devise compliance strategies, create new compliance programs and implement them.

Job Requirement

  • Annual renewal of license to practice law in Georgia or other state(s).
  • Must possess superb legal skills and expertise, so that they can actually do the work that would otherwise be outsourced to law firms.  For instance, where applicable, Assistant General counsel must possess superb writing and oral skills to write legal briefs, negotiate complex settlements, make oral arguments before the court and even try cases.
  • Must possess strong initiatives as well as excellent management, team work, delegation and problem-solving abilities.
  • Although Assistant General Counsel must have legal expertise, they must be able to speak and write in plain English and Korean free of legal jargons and communicate effectively with non-lawyers, both inside and outside the company.
  • Must be able to interact effectively with foreign clients who are not familiar with the U.S. legal system and issues.
  • Must be able to come up with creative legal solutions to further the company’s business and strategic objectives
  • Candidate must be fluent in English and Korean language
  • Education:  Law - Juris Doctor
  • Experience:  7>10 years, must have significant exposure to global legal issues and dealing with international clients.
  • Travel:  < 10%
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