“K” Line Logistics (USA) Inc.,

Licensed Customs Broker

“K” Line Logistics (USA) Inc.,

is looking for a high energy, highly motivated, responsible and professional leader with a strong background in International Trade with the emphasis on Custom House Brokerage.


Requires: CUSTOMS BROKER'S LICENSE in good standing with over two years experiences

Job Description;

Work with Logistics and help resolving problems.

Will oversee compliance issues of small Import Dept of the branch.
Import/Entry Writer/Operations-responsible for handling all aspects of customs clearance.

Clear shipments, RLF experience, clearing FDA Classification of invoices.
Prepare and submit entries of US Customs, FDA, Fish & Wildlife and Government Agencies.
Work with US Customs and other Government Agencies/Federal regulations.
Superior organizational, communication and problem solving skills.
Must be detailed oriented, customer focused and work well under pressure.
Ability to multi-task, billing accurately and solve logistical problems.
Computer literate. Japanese proficiency, ISO and supervising experience are a plus.


Salary depends on experience and qualification.

In addition to competitive salary, our benefits include medical, dental, life and disability insurance; Holidays, Vacation time and Sick time; 401k Plan.

Please send your cover letter and resume attention to:


Mr. Daichi Omi





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